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 Lock Snapping

 Most doors in the UK can be broken in to in 9.2 SECONDS is your door vulnerable!


The standard euro cylinder lock which secures the vast majority of homes in the UK have a major security weakness, this can allow a burglar to gain quick and quiet access in 9.2 seconds this weakness has been known by Locksmiths and door manufacturers and the police for many years.

A prominent locksmith went public in the newspapers in 2006, as did a West Yorkshire Police Inspector in 2009, due to the rising occurrence of burglars using this technique “Lock Snapping” has become the preferred method of attack against many homes. Recent BBC and ITV reports have highlighted significant increases in this method.

Police Crime statistics indicating it is used in over 30% of burglaries in some areas.

  How is this possible!

What should you do! 

Protection against lock snapping is possible.

There are many products on the market that whilst being sold as “anti snap” or “snap resistant” in reality they offer very little or no resistance against attack for example, many locks that only have sacrificial cuts still break in the center when force is applied.

The ULTION cylinder range offer a £1000 guarantee and are confident it will not be beaten by any attack by a burglar, the incorrect selection of a product and  poor fitting can seriously compromise the security of your door, many kite marked locks offer no protection against lock snapping.

We can advise on the best type of lock for your individual situation and also advise you if additional security devices are needed in other vulnerable areas such as patio doors, french doors and windows.


• Anti Drill pins

 • Anti Bump Pins

 • Anti Pick Mushroom Pins    

 • Solid Steel Snap Resistant Core

• Open and Restricted Key Profiles


Frequently asked questions 

Q - I've had a new door and it has big hooks and bolts. Is it still secure?

A - It doesn’t matter how many hooks or bolts your door has, final locking is still controlled by the euro cylinder. Most new door manufacturers still fit cheap euro cylinders that offer no protection against snapping.

Q - My existing lock has a kite mark on it does this mean it’s secure?

A - Having a kite mark doesn't guarantee security! however a Kite mark does guarantee a product is made to a quality process but doesn’t guarantee security against snapping. Some kite marked products are snap resistant, again consult your locksmith for correct advice.

Q - I have a lock with sacrificial cuts does this mean I am secure?

A - Many cylinders with sacrificial cuts offer no resistance because they still snap in the centre first or they are merely snapped a second time.

Click the link below for information on the latest high security ULTION snap secure lock that is

Sold Secure Tested and carries the 3 Star TS007 Kitemark